Wednesday, April 7, 2021

4/7/21 Love and Respect for Love

(I was sitting for a short while – then becoming nervous because the energy and message was not coming immediately, as normal.)

We are with you always.

There is not a day when we are not and don’t come.

It’s more the energy in which you are sitting in.

Just clear the way and we are here.

Love and Respect for Love

Tonight, we talk about love.

For it is that which you are made for.

Understanding all that is involved in that is your goal and purpose.

Love is what makes every relationship work or fail.

Not just the romantic ones but all of them.

Love and the respect for love.

When anything else becomes the greater emotion and description of the relationship, it is crumbling.

Fear, jealousy, hate, discontent, they are all conditions for non-love and are causing failed relationships.

You are then allowing the human ego-mindedness to take the place of your true nature.

You are not comfortable there and not at peace.

Examine this within yourself to find the reason that this condition exists.

Rise above and come back to your own understanding of Oneness and wholeness of who you are.

Having love and the respect for love of all involved will bring back the peace you seek.

It is up to you to do your part.

It will make a difference and open the doorway to recovery and new energy.

This is human nature and learning how it works or doesn’t work is a big part of why you are here.

Be pleasantly content when you see it working out for you.

You’ll find love and the respect for love of all things to be your greatest asset.

We are always with you- allowing peace.



(Looking back, I realized that the hesitation in the beginning of this meditation was part of the lesson today.

Showing me how easily our human nature jumps to the conclusion that something is wrong, instead of love and trusting all is well.  I feel the caress of love and peace you find in your mother’s arms.)

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