Thursday, April 8, 2021

4/8/21 What You Need and The Breath of Life

What You Need

 Not always is every message what you expect but often what you need.

Therefore, you pay attention to what you feel, what you hear and what you see.

Yes, this is fun and enjoyable and brings you peace.

But it is full of important information to be known.

Digest it and allow your mind to remember and think about it when needed.

We offer it to you when we can.

We are with you.


The Breath of Life

Breathing is how you live.

Taking air into your lungs gives the oxygen to your blood, that delivers it to all the parts of you, giving you the fuel to proceed.

Most of the time, you breathe without even thinking about it.

It comes that natural to you.

When you consciously change your breathing rhythm and the volume of air you are taking in and letting out it gives your body, especially your brain, a different signal.

Long deep breaths, slowly in and out, creates a rhythm that helps you to relax.

It can create a meditative state where you can access a deeper part of your psyche.

Quick short breaths are used when you are excited or exercising.

Paying close attention to your breathing can help you to understand your body’s needs.

It is a life source for your physical body.

Breathe the cleanest, freshest air possible, always.

Keep your airway clear and functioning well.

This is what you’ll need to know.

We are with you.



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