Monday, April 19, 2021

4/19/21 Unwarranted Fear and Repost from 4/19/14 The Simpler Things


4/19/21 Unwarranted Fear

What are you afraid of?

Why so you carry that fear with you all of the time?

Did something happen that caused that fear?


Me – “The answer to that one is yes.

Not once but a couple of times I have been witness to results of actions that have caused death or suffering.

Now, I am afraid, I guess. “


Having fear of such events doesn’t stop them from happening, if they are supposed to happen.

It only causes you the stress and worry of it all of the time.

It’s hard to understand and it’s hard to change your strong predetermined habit of it that you carry.

But you might want to try.

Unwarranted fear has kept you from experiencing many things.

It has definitely come in the way of living life to the fullest.

Fear holds you back from trying something new.

You like the familiar, where you know what to expect.

We’ve given you a few glances into some of the things you might be willing to try.

And they have caught your interest.

Don’t let fear come into the picture and close the doorway to these opportunities.

Trust yourself and your intuition and give them a try.

You will be led to the ones that best suit you and your needs.

We are with you.



Repost from 4/19/14 The Simpler Things

Your intelligence is expanding and expanding.

You rival in all that you can do and understand.

But it is the simpler things that are being forgotten, not enjoyed as often.

Go for a walk through the woods and notice the natural progression of the plants, animals and insects.

Enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

Build a campfire. Sit around it talking and singing.

Take on an artistic project using only hand tools.

Stand still and feel the world around you.

This time of peace and tranquility will be rejuvenating and bring you much satisfaction.

You are not striving to beat anyone at any competition or produce more and more stuff.

You are just being alive.

The mind, body and spirit will react to this retreat by lowering stress and elevation pleasure throughout.

To set aside time for this form of meditation and contemplation is so beneficial for your growth.

Take time to interact with the earth and people around you.

Set these times into your calendar of busyness for they will bring much personal reward.


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