Monday, April 12, 2021

4/12/21 Decisions (personal) and repost from April 2014


4/12/21 Decisions (personal)


There is a lot on your mind, many different things.

All decisions you are trying to make.

We leave you with the peace you want to contemplate these situations, undisturbed.

Later, when you’ve gone through them with your human mind the guidance will come.

Patience, love and kindness will help you at this time.

All else follows the stream.

We are with you.



Then reposts from April 2014

4/11/14   Contemplation


Take time to be outside.

The sunshine and warm air provides an atmosphere to restore energy and release stress.

Walking helps to change your environment and the impulses to your mind.

You can think and process many things while strolling down the lane.

Walk, play or just sit to soak up the energy and relax for a while.

It will help take the edge off of what is frustrating you.

You will be able to perhaps see it with a new perspective.

There is a lot of space and different ways to approach even the most challenging situations.

Take the time to explore the possibilities before always jumping to conclusions.

Contemplation may be the key.

What guidance do you find in this time of reflection?

We are with you.




 4/12/14 Making New Choices


Become aware of all that is around you, in the many ways that we are sending guidance.

You have free will so you choose what you will do and who you are.

You make choices and adjustments all the time.

Of course, not all of them are for your highest good.

But they are your choice and you are learning through all of them.

You do not have to always make the same choices.

Sometime a different direction would be most useful.

Try it out and see.

We will guide you.

Now it the time for growth and new understanding.



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