Friday, November 15, 2013

11/15/13 They Are Always There

Important characteristics that you hold so precious while here on earth you also carry with you on the other side.
They are what makes you recognizable to your loved ones and friends.
They are not lost in the passing.
If your dad was firm and always giving you directions he will probably be still firm and giving them to you now.
Recognize these characteristics in some guidance you are receiving and say “Hello” to your dad that is close by.
Your loved ones don't leave you. They are close by helping you along.
It is when you open your awareness to see and feel them that they will be known to you.
Yes, it is really them don't question or doubt!
The sooner you change your beliefs about this the easier it will be to know their love is still with you, not far away.
Allow them to comfort you and show you that they still exist and it will lessen your pain of missing them amiss.
Take time during the holidays to bring your awareness clear.
You will feel their presence, their love will be so near.
Look for those outstanding characteristics that you know of them so well.
They will show themselves again that way and bring comfort to you as well.
“Yes, It is I. “
They are enjoying you sharing the love they taught you to have.
Celebrate with joy and confidence, they are always there.


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