Monday, June 8, 2020

6/8/20 No new post. Re-post from 2013

6/8/13 Relationships
Having love or giving love is one of the main focuses here on earth.
You are to learn all you can about relationships especially when it comes to loving.
It is the natural outcome of human experience to seek out love including the physical.
It does feel good and it is supposed to.
Don't be ashamed of the lovemaking act.
It is in these intimate times that you are learning about yourself, others and how you relate.
Use all your senses to bring in this incredible experience.
Building a strong bond in the relationship allows you to relate to the oneness on a small level. Joined together two are one, working and living together with one goal or focus.
It is a new experience for two single people to become one.
Joy and happiness are shared as well as sorrow and pain.
You have found trust and support.
It is good as long as the relationship is supporting each other’s growth.
Respect each other’s individual characteristics and needs while allowing them to blend together and fulfill the joint venture.
It does the job of keeping the population going as well.
We will talk more about relationships.
Know now all is well and at peace.

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