Monday, June 1, 2020

6/1/20 Empty Hands

A lot of people are looking upward for answers to today’s problems.
They think that God will just take care of all the turmoil that is going on.
They actually need to be looking inward for the best solution.
These situations are a product of the way that people view the world around them.
They see the separateness and feel misunderstood and ill-treated.
It is not that God has empty hands in this matter.
It is because there is so much to be learned and changed on both sides of this standoff.
Deep within each one of you, there is the solution but it is covered by the anger and fear that is being felt.
This has happened before and each time some justice and change has been made but not enough for the situation to be solved.
This comes at an extremely volatile time when people are already feeling strained so it will take a lot more to come into balance.
Be aware of your energy and use it for the greatest good.
You too don’t have empty hands.
Is there something you can do?
We are with you.

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