Monday, June 15, 2020

5/15/20 Judge Not and Trust Your Gut

6/15/20 Judge Not

All that is going on is going on for a reason.
The negative energy is coming out and causing a ruckus but that is what is needed at this time.
This negative energy seems out of control but it isn’t.
There is just as much positive energy coming out to help balance this situation.
From one perspective, you may see and hear about one side.
From another perspective, you may see and hear about the other.
They each are trying to get you to believe their side of the story to convince you to side with them against the other.
Judge not.
It is hard to see all that is happening right now.
Look for what you want to see and put your energy there.
Then you will feel, at least, you are where you need to be.
We are with you.

6/15 20 Trust Your Gut

Continue to trust your gut on these situations.
Let them play out before getting involved.
They are being fueled by fear and the energies are not good for you.
Continue to send out thoughts of love, harmony and balance.
They are powerful and will affect the overall conditioning being done.
Your part is to stand firm in the truth.
You are all One.
Judge not, for each has got to find their truth their way,
The dance of energies has begun and it will take a while but you will see the shift and change.
We are with you.

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