Friday, June 19, 2020

6/19/20 Pokémon Cards and Conviction

6/19/20 Pokémon Cards

Violence in child’s play can lead to very bad outcomes.
The kind of games that your children and grandchildren play is allowing them to think of violent behavior as being acceptable even enjoyable.
They are spending a lot of time plotting and planning these impalpable acts of violence on others to win a victory with some degree of satisfaction that comes from this victory.
When you think about it in that way, it sounds nasty.
You do not support this behavior and yet it still is happening.
The violence that is seen and heard of the TV is just as bad, if not worse.
It is a projection of someone’s thoughts in what they deem suitable creativity.
The authors who write these stories are also finding pleasure or humor in this kind of storyline.
What is going on in your cities and on your streets is a reflection of the kind of stories that have been told in books, movies, and games over and over again for entertainment and pleasure.
How can your society accept and promote it in your homes and then arrest or kill for it just outside?
They do not even see how it is connected.
Awareness of this contradiction in the social aspect of this behavior is needed and will help to bring change.
We are with you.

6/19/20 Conviction

It does not make you popular to stand up for what you believe to be the right thing when the majority think something different.
But if you believe it in your heart, it is your conviction.
What is best for you, your honesty to yourself or popularity?
They have got to come to their own conviction.
Be true to yourself and do not be led to think otherwise.
It is what feels right to you.
We are with you.

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