Thursday, June 11, 2020

6/9/20 Wholeness

Thank you for the opportunity to come and speak with you today.
We’ve come here with the greatest respect for the process.
Bringing the information to you through this process is highly approved and honored (revered).
This is an easy way to get the most information out in its proper sense.
Once in a while, a word or two is misunderstood or transcribed wrong but mostly the whole idea is covered completely.
So, today, we want to talk about you, the Soul.
In the true sense of the word, the Soul is not only the you we see and hear from in the body but the Soul is also the energy that remains in Spirit but connected to yourself here on the Earth plane.
It is a very important part of the Soul because it has a part in what the physical part of the Soul is thinking and doing.
So, when you speak of the Soul, you are speaking of the many facets of the Soul.
Many of you feel separate from the Spirit part of the Soul but you are not.
It is working along with the physical, mental part of you.
Spend time getting to know this part of you, your whole self, and see what a different perspective you may have.
We are here to remind you of your Oneness, your Wholeness.
We are with you.

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