Friday, June 5, 2020

6/5/20 From Seven Years Ago

from seven years ago...
Words are the display of emotion coming forth to alert others to their existence. Do you choose the correct words or do you rely on the compiled history of words you often use? All the words that come to mind are a distinct representative of your feelings. From this flow of thoughts, you choose the ones that most represent all that you are feeling. So what you are feeling is then voiced so others can understand where or who you are. Choosing the right words to represent your true self an important skill you learn from your childhood. Your parents help you learn to choose these words to express yourself. So they are tainted a little bit by what they deemed appropriate. Learned patterns or behaviors can lead you a certain way. But what if you suddenly felt a different way? Would it be easy to choose the words to express your newest position? Following your true self and not the learned behavior takes a lot of courage and trust in yourself and the world around you. Some can do it easily but others struggle for a lifetime. Change is growth and with it comes great opportunity. A little scary at first but practice builds the confidence that much will come to tell. Call upon your guidance to help you follow through. We are with you every step of the way. Now is the time for each to learn just who you want to be. Let not the history of your past hold you back. Step out and be the dynamic person who came here to be. Love is always with you.

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