Thursday, June 18, 2020

6/18/20 Death Tolls, Being Counted

There is a lot of people dying from this virus.
It is a shock to some people but not to others.
They are comparing this to wars and other mass deaths.
But for some reason, still not shocked by it.
You are, we know.
It’s a large number to you and one that keeps you home safe.
It is an exit point for them.
An end to their physical life but not their spiritual one.
They all left too soon to their loved one, as is always the case.
This experience is bringing a lot of information forward and will help facilitate the changes that are needed.
Trust that.
 But change, the size needed, will take many to take part in the effort, the momentum.
Do not sit there compliant.
Put your thoughts and energies toward change.
Let it be known what you want to see, so others may follow.
The time is now to step up and be counted.
It will make a difference.
We are with you.

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