Thursday, June 25, 2020

6/25/20 Commitment and Decisions

6/25/20 Commitment

Once you’ve given you word, once you’ve said yes, you have a commitment to serve.
Spirit will not turn their back on you.
So, you should keep your side of the deal.
It is the trust that you’ve agreed to and that is not taken lightly.
It is an honor to be trusted with this arrangement and with that honor comes certain responsibilities and expectations.
This honor is a privilege and we know you take it very seriously.
We said share it but leave the ego out.
Only the words that are given to you, only our words.
You’ve done a great job.
And so, it is so
We are always with you.

Within the time frame of an agreement, it is a binding commitment.
If each keeps their word, nothing is broken

6/25/20 Guidance

When you open the door and invite Spirit in, there is a trust and understanding being made.
You’ve allowed this guidance to come and be shared with you to help you and others to find what is best for all.
It is given but you may pick and choose what you hear, what you listen to and how you are going to use this information.
The decision is completely yours.
It always is and always will be.
It has been given with no expectations except to be given openly and the rest is up to you.
Trust your own guidance and follow what feels right and brings you the peace that you seek.
Let the rest go.
We are with you.

6/25/20 Decision

When there is a decision to make listen with an open mind and a true heart.
Allow yourself to feel it in your body and pay attention to what you feel.
There are only two emotions, Fear and Love.
Fear is an emotion of the ego and Love is an emotion of the true you.
What brings you peace?
If it does not then you must listen to that guidance for you.
Honor it, for in that peace you’ll find your truth, where you are and what you believe to be true for you.
Anything less is not going to work –
We are with you.

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