Friday, February 19, 2021

2/19/21 At the Crossroads (Personal but may be helpful) and Repost from 2/19/14 Eternal Love

 2/19/21 At the Crossroads

You’ve come to a crossroad in this situation.

The direction is not clear.

You’ve asked for guidance.

And still feel unsure and the direction is unclear.

Patience is needed to fully collect all the information and understand the detail of these decisions.

Open to this opportunity to learn more and you will see more clearly

We are with you.



 Re post from 2/19/14 Eternal Love

Eternal love rest inside you.

Never fear of being rejected.

There is nothing you can do, think or say where you are not loved.

You are trying out the spectrum of life to know who you truly are.

Some you will like and some you will not.

This is your choice.

All are part of you experiencing the facets of your personality.

The changes you make to become the one you want to be are the growth and movement you see.

The love and support you feel through this process is eternal and always with you.

With confidence find out who you are.


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