Friday, February 5, 2021

2/5/21 Natural Solutions

Nature is reacting to exactly what you have been giving her – CRAP.

With all of the overproduction needed to satisfy your need for one of everything, in every color, resulting in tons and tons of leftover garbage.

Most of the waste is non-recyclable, non-disposable junk.

Even the natural disposable parts are disposed of in plastic to make it even harder for it to decompose in a reasonable way.

You are filling the Earth and its seas with debris that you found interesting enough to overproduce with no acceptable way to dispose of it.

And yet, it still goes on and on.

To you, the convenience of plastic and unnatural metals outweighs the existing pollution problem.

It is time to invest your time and energy into solving this dilemma.

Some efforts have been made but they are too few and non-effective.

A greater emphasis must be made to reverse this choking problem.

When there was a need for cleaning supplies and sanitizers, manufacturers were asked to switch their processes to answer the need.

Now, there is a need to stop producing garbage and clean up your environment.

Will that need be met with the same enthusiasm?

It’s up to each and everyone of you to make this change.

Start at home and then grow the awareness beyond your walls to be seen and heard by those who can help make a difference.

If you settle for less, this dilemma will expand into a bigger natural disaster.

Need less, buy less and they will produce less.

Find an acceptable way to dispose of what is already overproduced.

Use nature and more natural products to fulfill your need.

This is what was intended.

There are answers on the horizon.

Be brave enough to explore them.

We are with you.


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