Thursday, February 25, 2021

2/25/21 Book of Love and Judgement

 Book of Love

Today, we continue the Book of Love.

Yes, it will fill a book and we may still never cover everything.

Love is there all around you even when you are feeling sad and alone.

Look around.

You’ll see it in the faces of those you’ve never met, the smiles of those just passing by.

The human being usually responds with love whenever it can.

Mostly it’s because it’s part of you.

Showing compassion or love makes the giver feel good as much as the receiver.

So, reach out with compassion or care.

You’ll not only be helping another but feeling god yourself as well.

So much as a kind, caring thought about yourself or someone else is enough to produce the emotion of love.

It’s there inside of you.

You’ll see love in the beauty of nature all around you.

You see how one thing is there supporting another.

Open you heart and allow the feeling to be know and expresses.

Love is everywhere, if you let it be.

We love you.

We are with you.





We’ve discussed judgement but it’s still on your mind.

Others may verbally criticize you but it has no impact on your plan.

Unless you, of course, allow it to.

Then it is actually your action that is causing the issue.

The only judgement that exists is that which you create yourself of yourself.

That is what is creating the pain and holding you back.

Trust yourself, hold your head up high and allow yourself to flourish, untarred with outside opinions.

You are doing well.

We are there with you.


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