Tuesday, February 2, 2021

2/2/21 Insights


(BTW - The last 3 or 4 titles have been given to me before I get up out of my bed at 4 AM. Once the guidance is received, I always go back to sleep. Spirit works in marvelous ways.)


These tidbits of information or insights to your own personal challenges are not unique unto you.

They are normal human problems that many may find challenging and struggle to have the understanding of.

We have “picked your brain”, so to speak, and those around you to be able to give you wisdom or guidance on some of the ones that will help you all the most.

These insights are always given with the utmost respect for your personal privacy and leave it completely up to you how they affect your life.

Not only do these come from your thoughts but also from your heart where thy are causing some unrest.

Knowing and understanding these insights leave you feeling loved and at peace.

Finding words that you can relate to and guide you satisfies your query!

Let them rise to the surface.

We are with you, always with love and respect.



(As I sit here and wonder how does it feel to not have many questions and issues in my life.)  

You are definitely here to question everything and to find the answer for yourself, or with guidance, that best suits you and your path.

Experience life and enjoy the millions of tidbits available to you to ponder on.

We love you.


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