Friday, February 12, 2021

2/12/21 Air Supply and On Your Mind

 Air Supply

The Air Supply is one of the methods oh healing and clearing the lungs and mind.

A fresh breath of air can help you to stop coughing and choking.

We want you to take a look at what was given to you last night.


In today’s environment the Air Supply is now questionable.

Is it clean and healthy of is speckled with the virus and flus?

Prior to this pandemic, you breathed in the air around you with little thought unless the pollen or smoke made you cough.

Now the health of you air will be in question for quite some time.

You don’t leave your home without the protection of masks and filters, etc. to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

So, the words Air Supply has a different meaning right now.

Air is a necessity to physical life and an important way to remember your creation process.

The letters A I R stand for:

A – Asking for guidance

II representing the eye you see it as real and presented to you.

R – Receiving and understanding the meaning and place it has in your life.

Go over and over these words and information until you can incorporate it into your life, for the process of healing and discovering more.

(Thank you SADO and my guides for helping for it to be clarified for me.)

Put it into your daily meditation.


 On Your Mind

Much is on your mind tonight.

You need to sort out and prioritize all that is going on.

Some are of small concerns and other of greater magnitude.

Which ones do you want to focus on or spend your energy on?

The smaller ones may seem easy and, on the surface, so to speak.

The others have a greater impact on your life and peace.

You are avoiding them because you think they will take more of your energy, emotional energy to deal with.

But this is not necessarily true –

It is your perception that adds the complications.

You are avoiding facing these issues because of a fear that you associate with that situation.

Ask to face that fear with understanding and love and the situation becomes more manageable and solvable.

Bring the knowledge that you have within you to know and understand this lesson will help you to

see (with your I) it more clearly.

 Resulting in a solution and peace and clarity returning.

Clearing your mind and breathing more easily.

We are with you.


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