Thursday, February 11, 2021

2/11/21 Indecisiveness

You are going zig-zag in your thoughts.

Sometimes you think about this and at other times you think the opposite.

Being indecisive has created the indecisiveness in your creations.

It’s Ok to weight the pro and cons of your choices to evaluate which you might prefer.

Then put your focus and energy towards that.

There is enough resource for everyone.

You can have what you want without the guilt of taking it from others.

Let the universe work out the logistics.

Just trust it will do so.

The basic mistake made is wavering and changing direction so often, so emotional, so opposite.

Practice this focus on the things you know you want and gain the trust you need to be confident in your other choices (bigger decisions).

Let you heart have a say in what will make you happy.

It has a lot of energy and the emotional pull that is needed.

You will know when you are ready.

Until then peace, don’t struggle.

We are with you.


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