Friday, February 26, 2021

2/26/21 The Heavens and from 2/26/21 Glimmer of Hope

The Heavens 

The Heavens is not a place up in the sky, although it could be if that’s what was thought of.

The Heavens is everywhere (and nowhere).

Because no physical life is there, it doesn’t have to have a physical location.

Over many years it was given the physical location of the sky because that was the unknown and easiest to imagine a soul to go to.

A lot of the mysterious events were seen among the sun, moon, stars, planets and so it was imagined that the vastness of the universe would make a great heaven.

As so it does in many minds.

Because it can and does exist everywhere it can, certainly, include the sky above.

It can also be right there with you, as well.

It’s hard to become consciously aware of something you can’t imagine, won’t imagine.

If you want to be more aware of “The Heavens”, you need to open to more possibilities and allow them to enter into your consciousness.

It’s more than you’ve known and it’s more than you’ve imagined, so don’t give it a definitive location.

The Heavens have limitless possibilities, far and near, all encompassing, all inclusive.

When you think of it in that way it brings you to a place of peace.

Peace be with you.


 2/26/15  Glimmer of Hope

 Even a glimmer of light can lighten a darken room.

It doesn't take much light to spread throughout the area and change the way it looks.

More clearly, you can see the objects within the walls.

You won't have to trip over the things in the room.

You will be able to walk around them.

Just a glimmer of light can make all the difference.

It will soften any fear or anxiety of going in the room,

Look at your life as that room darkened at times by the lack of light or understanding.

Just a small glimmer of the light of understanding or awakening to new ideas can be that glimmer that lights up the trail.

That changes your perspective and allows more movement and growth.

Let just the glimmer of hope and understanding in.


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