Thursday, February 11, 2021

2/10/21 Anger and Guilt and Forgiveness and Mending Grievances

 Anger and Guilt 

When a stone is thrown and someone is hurt, someone is killed.

The response is Anger and Guilt.

Anger on the side of them family of the one killed and guilt on the side of the one who threw the rock.

These emotions are very close in intensity.

(Are you talking about us! Is this to show the intensity of the pain and guilt?)

Look at both sides of this pain and emotion to find how to help, how to recover and find peace.

What can help it to heal and change.

Forgiveness – understanding and forgiveness.

We will help you learn about forgiveness now.

We are with you.



Baring all truths of the situation, knowing all the facts, seeing the human mistakes and inconsistencies, brings you to have strong emotions about the incident.

It has broken your heart and caused pain for quite a while.

What can be done to help, to heal, to alleviate this suffering.

You seek this healing but it is kept distant from you.

It feels too painful to let go and move forward.

Forgiveness is needed.

Forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others.

Trusting that it will help without changing the love felt.

When the pain is gone and the heartbreak healed it can love more.

It will be free to love more.

Take the steps, do the emotional work to be in that place of forgiveness

A much deeper understanding can be known.

We are with you.


 Mending Grievances

 Today is the day.

Today is a good day to take the time to clear your mind and mend your grievances.

They are causing you pain and keeping you from moving forward.

They are in the past, not part of the now of your part.

Forgiveness is needed.

Forgive yourself, forgive others, and move past these transgressions.

The lesson was learned and more has come from it than you know.

But it is now a lesson in forgiveness, atonement.

Both anger and guilt could be met with love and healed.

Take the forgiveness to a deeper level.

Allow it to heal from within.

You can feel the pain and even letting go feels like pain.

But with true forgiveness - atonement there will be no pain, there will be peace.

Ask for help. (Holy Spirit)

Help will be there in an instant!

We are with you.


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