Thursday, February 18, 2021

2/18/21 Healing (Personal - Your lesson is given) and Repost from 2/18/15 Namaste

Sometimes, when you put a foreign chemical into your body, it isn’t accepted well.

Your body objects to its presence and does what it can to let you know that it is unhappy with this foreign matter.

You’ve gotten a reaction, a painful one, indeed.

Your body continues to let you know that this chemical doesn’t belong in it.

You physical doctors have given you more foreign chemicals to mask this reaction but it’s still there.

It’s kind of a battle going on inside your body.

You feel the pain of this.

Actually, your physical body is working hard to deal with the situation.

It’s building up a resistance to these foreign chemicals (which is what was intended).

You feel the pain of this.

Ask for help. Ask for your body to find the right way to adjust and deal with this.

Your body is building up a defense and learning ways of coping with these foreign chemicals and viruses, if and when they are presented.

Science is learning how to help the human body to do this with less reaction.

It works well for some but for others it’s a little more complicated.

More work is needed on this.

There are chemicals that your particular body doesn’t want to work with.

They are to be avoided.

You were able to mask over the rejection this time but it won’t be so easy next time.

Take this information seriously when deciding what next to do.

Your team is helping you.

The healing and guidance will be given to you.

Not every solution that science is trying are for everyone.

Pick and choose the right one for you.

We are with you.

Now go and rest.


 Repost from 2/18/15 Namaste   

Certain things must be done to make certain other things happen.

But the way they are done has a variety of solutions.

It is important to know that your way is not the only way and sometimes not even the best way for another.

More pain and suffering are caused by this premise than any other.

Learn to allow others to explore their own solutions.

They may come upon some difficulties but there will be learning and growth.

Each person needs to explore what works for them and have the self-reliance to work it out for themselves.

If the assignment is so rigid and there is no leeway permitted there is no learning and growth, only repetition, much like an assembly line.

You stifle their imagination and their confidence.

In the end you've created what you don't want, boredom and resentment.

Be a resource for guidance not a regiment for control.

Step back and allow others to be who they are.

The divine in me recognizes the divine in you---


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