Friday, December 25, 2015

12/25/15 Christmas Time

Christmas time.
The birth of the light of the world.
Jesus carried that light just as you do.
It is the God light.
You carry it too.
Let yours shine out by living as he would a loving and compassionate life.
Celebrate with joy and love, the awakening of the light within you and all that will know and accept this power.
Christmas is not the celebration of the past but the celebration of the new light.
The light that will light up the world.
Enjoy and love each other.

Last year's post:
12/25/14 Lighten and Brighten
Let the light come in.
Let it into your heart.
All are born into the light.
It is sometimes darkened with the human woes.
To learn and love the light you must know the dark.
But today is born a new light.
A light knowing and choosing love.
This is who you truly are.
Not the darkness you hold on to.
Let that be lifted and allow this new light to brighten your very soul.
It is a pure selfless light that knows only love.
This is the true truth we celebrate today.
May the hearts of all beings be lifted and brightened by the light today.

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