Thursday, December 31, 2015

12/31/15 Peace and Harmony

Go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow ( as every other night) ready to start a new.
Babies do this very easily and so should you.
Leave yesterday behind and start a new outlook.
No regrets – nothing lingering, just a smile on you face.
Have a bounce in your step as you go off to make the day count.
You have the chance to make different choices and have all new experiences.
Certainly make being happy and healthy on the top of your list.
Live moment to moment in peace and harmony.

Reminder of last years words
12/31/14 NO Matter What!
The Kingdom of God is at hand.
You don't have to search or battle for it.
It is yours always.
You just have to recognize it and know that it belongs to everyone.
Competing and restricting it's entry actually puts you further from where you want to be.
It is limitless and has no boundaries.
So there will be enough for everyone to have some.
You will not be closed out, NO Matter What!
Only you will reap the benefits or woes of your life's actions.
But that will not take the Kingdom from you.
If you believe that you don't have to compete for it would that change the way you live.
Stop all the hatred and war.
Replace it with understanding and love.
There will be more peace and a better life for all.

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