Thursday, December 24, 2020

12/24/20 Tidings and Faith, Hope and Light.... Repost from Christmas Eve 2013 and 2014


 Christmas Eve 2020

12/24/20 Tidings

May the light shine upon you and bring you tidings of good will.

May the conflict be put aside and peace and love take its place in your heart, mind and the world around you.

Peace be with you.



12/24/20 Faith, Hope and Light

Today, a child was born, that brought Faith, Hope and Light into the world.

This child, wrapping in swaddling clothes and laying in a manger will forever be a sign of new beginnings, new life.

Hope for change and possibilities for the future.

All else, put aside.

Believe in that.

Find the things that represent this change, this Hope for you.

Let it fill your heart and restore peace.

I am with you, always,



Repost from Christmas Eve 2013 and 2014

12/24/13   Love Is the Connection


“Quietly I sit and reflect back upon the year.

So many signs and small hellos were sent to cheer me up.

My prayer this Christmas Eve is only once more to be brought enough proof for my heart not to break.”


The answer to your prayer will come in many ways.

You'll be able to know it by the feeling in your heart.

Every smile, every laugh and every time someone shows each other love--- I'll be there.

Love is the connection that is always present.

It has already held you up in your time of despair.

When all is said and done, you look back and see if you can name a few times when you must have had a fleeting thought that we have sent to you.

We will give you strength, courage and wisdom to make loving decisions which heals your heart in time.

May being love and sharing joy help you through this day.

We are right here beside you in the most patient loving way.

Open your heart, and let us in, you will see the signs you want.

It will bring laughter and a smile too upon your face.




12/24/14 On the Eve


On the eve of loving and giving keep that focus in your heart.

It is this that is the message here, to bring with you throughout the day.

Each one holds its own issues to be put aside today.

Only focus on being the loving kind friend of another.

Listen with concern and compassion if they want to tell their woes.

For this alone can ease their pain, knowing someone else cares.

A smile and kind words can go a long way towards the healing that you all can use.

For each one has the human trait of missing someone during this time of year.

Time changes everything and memories are bittersweet.

But the love you once shared on the earth still exists today.

You still love them and they are close sending love your way.

Give everyone hugs for them and smile knowing you carry them with you in your heart.

We are never far away.

Merry Christmas.



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