Sunday, December 20, 2020

12/20/20 Better Nutrition and Good for You

Better Nutrition

Today, we shall talk about food.

Basic meal planning.

It is essential that you get better nutrition during this stressful time.

The nutrition that comes from fresh food, fruits and vegetables.

They are a little harder to get because of the distribution problem.

So, you should get and eat them as often as you can.

They have the correct vitamins and iron supply you need to keep strong and healthy.

Put a few in the everyday planning so as to get more into your body.

Increase the volume when you can.

This enables better body function and strengthens your defense mechanism.

Colds, flus and viruses are easier to combat when you are healthiest.

We are with you.



Good for You


Just stay home.

It is a basic practice.

Let the others run around if they want to but for you it’s better to stay home.

The walks you take are safe and very good for you because they exercise your legs and lungs.

Do it every day.

Increase the distance when you can or even go around twice.

It is good for you.

We are with you.


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