Tuesday, December 15, 2020

12/15/20 Sands of Time (personal) and Use Your Time Wisely

 Sands of Time (personal)

(I hear music and I see an hour glass (maybe red and green))

Just as with the hour glass, the sands of time are falling through.

They are representing the moments of your physical life – passing ever so quickly.

The number of which has been determined and marked.

You have had much to say in that decision.

(This frightens me and I resist going there. How soon, I ask?)

Not to worry.

There are enough moments to do all that you want to do.

Nothing will be left unaccomplished if you want to do it.

Peace, just step into the vision and allow your moments to be meaningful – not hurried – just meaningful to you!

(It scares me to think of the numbered days and needing to set a priority to finish what I want to be meaningful.   I see the anxiousness in Nicole’s last weeks – days.

 Use Your Time Wisely

Staying home, away from most of the distraction of the hectic physical world, leaves extra moments to be filled.

This leaves an opportunity to create something that you would be inspired to create.

Much can be accomplished.

Much can be gained.

Take the time to think about what is important for you to see in your life.

Set this in motion.

Be open to the process.

Allow and participate in this as it unfolds.

You will be more than pleased with the outcome.

It will benefit you, your path and the whole.

As it always does.

We are with you.


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