Friday, December 11, 2020

12/11/20 Hidden Emotion

There are a few emotions that you have a tendency to hide from.

Some bring a certain amount of shame with them.

You are not proud of the way you are feeling so, you hide them from yourself and others.

You put them deep inside and avoid them until they find their way to surface again.

Festering inside and causing an illness of type.

These emotions are painful to face but it would do you much good to get them out and try to work on them.

They are blocking the energy flow in your body.

You truly have not control over how others act or feel but you can choose how you think and act upon it.

Surround yourself with comfort and compassion knowing your true nature is love not fear.

Approach these emotions with this understanding and you can see where the true problem lies.

Change the way you think and feel about it and your fear and emotion will change also.

You are so very loved.

We are with you.


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