Sunday, December 6, 2020

12/6/20 Relief Projects

Now is the time to help with the relief projects.

Help is needed everywhere.

You are welcome to help in any way you feel that you can.

Many are suffering and need help.

They have found it hard to keep their jobs and feed their families.

Come together and support each other.

Your kindness will be appreciated.

You will benefit in return for your generosity.

We are with you.


Your heart is seeking a place to rest and find peace.

It has been very stressed over the last period of time, frustrated over so little that could be done.

Reach out, when you can and find something that will make your heart react with joy.

This will help to heal your heart and bring the peace that you need.

Relief projects are good for both the giver as well as the receiver.

They also benefit the community, country, the world and all.

Even the smallest effort will make a difference.

Find the ones you trust and put love into it.

Your heart will feel the relief also.

We are with you.


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