Wednesday, December 16, 2020

12/16/20 Many Ways and repost from 12/16/13 A Big Realization

 Many Ways

Turn around and look.

You will see the handles of the cart or wheel barrels.

 (It is part of the puzzle – I think)

Some people can meditate and receive their guidance while they are distracting the thinking.

Part of this happens by doing activities like puzzles or repetitive actions and such.

This is an effective form of communication and not to be dismissed.

Pay attention to what is given to you and sort out what could be helpful and meaningful.

Creativity and guidance comes in many ways.

We are with you.


Re post from 12/16/13  A Big Realization

 Upon some awakening you come across the notion that the events of the world around you are not happening to you but for you.

This is a big realization and one that changes the way you view your life.

Everything that is taking place, both the good and the bad, brings with it many levels of lessons to take into consideration.

Depending on where you are in your journey, you may choose to look upon these situations with a new and challenging perspective.

It brings with it some excitement because you no longer fall victim to what is happening but accept it on a level of participation.

With each new step you take on your path you begin to understand more and more of what you have chosen to experience this time round.

With courage and understanding you will be guided toward exactly what is needed.

Welcome every experience, even the most challenging ones, with respect and an open heart (love).

They are the stepping stones that are placed along the way.

“Aha, oh yes, I see clearly now.  What it is bringing to me.”

Be grateful for the wisdom and the changes in your beliefs.

You are doing well and we are with you always.



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