Friday, December 25, 2020

12/25/20 Christmas Love

Today is a special day in so many hearts.

A tradition of giving and receiving presents and joy this day.

Spreading love and cheer and harmony with friends and family.

Some prepare for months for this day. (Why this one day?)

The feeling of love and care is plentiful now and should be as such throughout the entire year.

We encourage you to carry this love with you and be reminded of it often.

It is the love that you are.

Let it fill your heart and be known by all – always.

We are with you.



Peace on Earth – Goodwill towards all.

Merry Christmas.


On this day take a moment to think about all that has happened this year.

All the growth and learning about yourself and others.

Be grateful for the gifts that have been provided for you and the ones to come.

They came as a surprise. 

They don’t have the shiny paper but they are gifts still indeed.

Allow the growth to be healing and help you with the provisions for the coming year.

We are with you.


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