Monday, December 28, 2020

12/28/20 Love Actually and one of my favorites from 2013

So yes, we could talk of love on each occasion.

It is the very part of you that is constantly in motion all of the time.
You are receiving and giving love all of the time –
Some form and some degree of love, even when you are unaware of it.
Your thoughts, words and actions are a form of your love.
Seeping out ever so slowly is the essence of love.
You are love. You are God.
You are here to experience and express love in many, many, many ways to many degrees.
And so that is what you are doing, every moment, every day.
Make these love expressions meaningful and a true part of who you are and who you want to be.
You will feel the love and self-fulfillment in it all.
We are with you.
You feel joy when it is enough and pain when it is less.

Repost from 12/28/13 One of my favorites!!
12/28/13 Love Throughout the Year
Treat every day with the same love and care you have felt this week.
There is no difference because of the date.
You don't just set aside this time for generosity and sharing.
This experience is here now and shared by many but it should continue throughout the year.
The things that make it special, family, laughter, gatherings, songs, love and cheer are still here.
You just have to pay more attention and feel the love that is always near.
Don't put those emotions away with the decoration this year.
Keep them out and display that tenderness today and every day.
Such a change this would make if everyone felt that special feeling that you get this time of year.
Leave out a few reminders if you need to make it clear.
Keep your life and those around you full of love and tender care.
You heart will then be always full of joy and peace to share.

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