Thursday, December 3, 2020

12/3/20 Snow

As snow blankets most of the Earth it allows the elements to rest.

This pure white blanket is a special gift to much of the land.

Lots of things are still happening below it.

Many functions of creation, itself, are there forming the next step.

Some of the land stays covered just for a short time while there are parts that will remain covered for ages.

All things serve a purpose and this too has an important one.

Each unique individual snowflake takes its part in the forming of one blanket that so beautifully exists for a universal purpose of bringing balance, peace and harmony to the land in which it covers.

See it as such, as these tiny snowflakes fall gently from the sky.

A symbol of your uniqueness that is an important part of the balance, peace and harmony of man.

We are with you.


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