Wednesday, December 30, 2020

12/30/20 Healing and repost from 2014 Peace on Earth

 12/30/20 Healing

When the physical body get a few aches and pains, under the weather, so to speak, treat it with care and attend its wounds.
Some spiritual help can be given but the physical doctor will know how to treat the body.
The remedy can be quite simple or very complicated but you should go and see their help.
Trust and believe it is done and the healing will be there.
We are with you.
12/30/14 Peace on Earth
Peace on earth...goodwill to man.
This is a prayer that is said very often this time of year.
It is hope for a better tomorrow.
Offered to unify the thoughts of many in order to achieve such a state.
Keep this same prayer and hope throughout the new year.
It helps increase the vibration of the planet.
Elevating many to a higher level.
Movement toward a greater peace is possible.
The gifts of love, hope and peace are the greatest of all.

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