Wednesday, December 9, 2020

12/9/20 Returned to You and Daylight

All of the kindness and goodwill that you extend to others will always be returned to you.

It’s Universal Law but not so clear that some still don’t believe it.

What you put out or give comes back to you,

  the good and the bad.

Surround yourself with love, kindness and generosity and you will surely find the same towards you.

This is the season of giving, be mindful of what you are giving for it will undoubtedly be returned to you in one way or    another.

We are with you.




Daylight is a special time.

It is from the light you gather your energy.

Your body uses this sunlight to produce certain chemicals that effect your emotions.

Take in some sunlight whenever you can for it will help you stay healthy and happy.

We are with you always.


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