Monday, March 29, 2021

3/29/21 Listen and Know

All that you do in your life here has meaning and purpose.

It is the personal growth and learning that you receive every day.

It is the strength by which you stand your ground,

 your belief in God and the Good,

 the love you have for yourself, mankind and nature.

It’s the big things, of course, but it’s also the smallest things that you might not even notice that add energy and value to life itself.

When you depend on someone to respond to you and tell you how much you are valued or needed you are letting your ego run your life.

When you know in your heart that it is happy, free and wild with excitement at each new day, at each new experience, at life itself, there you can see and feel your purpose.

Listen and know – all is well.

Live from there.

We are with you.


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