Monday, March 22, 2021

3/22/21 Doing Your Part

Systematically, you go through the things that you’ve set out to do in this life time.

They are given to you each one at the perfect time to allow you the most growth.

These challenges and opportunities are of utmost importance to your plan.

So, look upon them with acceptance and love.

Look for what you might be gaining from this experience, what all might gain.

It’s in your service to yourself and all that much will be accomplished.

There is something to learn, something to understand.

You are called to be a witness of it and learn from it.

Even as a teacher, you are also a student –

  as you teach, you learn.

Get the ego out of the way, to allow the whole lesson to be revealed.

Humbly be a part of this bigger picture.

There is satisfaction that you will feel –

  doing your part.

We are with you.


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