Wednesday, March 31, 2021

3/31/21 Worry and Stress and Your Shield

  Worry and Stress


Worry and stress come from fear and fear is not real.

It is only something your ego makes up in your mind.

Your ego is telling you there is something wrong, something not good enough.

Then it creates a form of panic.

You worry about the consequences of being wrong or not good enough.

You worry about what the other humans will say or feel about you.

This gets in the way of your own true self, your self-confidence.

The worry and stress keep you away from your creation.

Mostly, the worry and stress are creating a block from the peace and happiness that want to flow through your life.

Everyone is different.

Don’t judge yourself by what you see in others.

Love yourself by who you are and who you are becoming.

Don’t allow this fear, false evidence appearing real, overshadow the true sense of your Spirit, your Soul.

Let your sense of accomplishment and growth bring the truth into light, putting fear to rest.

Nothing is wrong, all is well.

And you are certainly God-enough, always.

Much more can come into your life if peace, happiness and joy flow freely again.

We are with you, now and always.


You see it too!


 Your Shield


This is a lesson for now, but it comes back up over and over in your life.

You need to find a way to remind yourself when this fear arises again to

put it to rest before it creates the worry and stress that is your block.

Create a natural symbol, a daily mantra, for your shield.

Allow the truth of who you are to stay with you, always.

We are with you.


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