Sunday, March 7, 2021

3/7/21 Order and Purpose

 Every single solitary step you take in your life, you take with purpose.

It may seem like you are rambling around but you are not.

There is order and purpose to it all.

Notice the cycle of nature, of the inhabitant of the Earth, they all have rhythm and purpose.

Your life does too.

Because of your perspective and awareness, it may seem more random to you but it is orchestrated into a magnificent dance of life.

You engage in it as a participant whenever you like.

At other times you are only an observer.

Each moment adding to the collective of experiences.

One might imagine the massive amount of footage on the newsreel from your life,

 that reveals all that you’ve been part of in this lifetime,

 all that you’ve learned and how much you’ve grown.

Savor these moments for it is now that you can find true meaning and purpose in your every step.

Bringing peace, joy and love into your view,

 into the experience of who you are and who you’ve become.

We are with you.


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