Tuesday, March 9, 2021

3/9/21 Valuable Perspective and post from 3/9/14 and 3/9/14


3/9/21 Valuable Perspective


Looking back on the past, the history of things, stirs up so many emotions.

Some of which you might be proud of, but some of which you might not be so proud of.

All were necessary learning devices to get you to where you are today.

Forgiving oneself and healing from these events helps you to see the value in their existence.

A new found freedom from the struggle of them becomes available.

Moving forward with this knowledge allows you to see things in a new light,

 changing the way you feel and the decisions you will be making.

That is what is gained – a valuable perspective.

A way to look at the now without the guilt or fear of repeating transgressions.

Focus on the change and new view to move forward with confidence and honor.

You are doing well.

Nothing will hold you back.

We are with you.




3/9/14 Who You Are


Behold, thou art the beauty of God's creations.

Look in awe upon yourself as you would a flock of sheep grazing in the field or geese in the sky.

You too, walking the earth, doing your thing, being human, just as planned.

Live your life with the beauty and grace it desires.

Set apart from the other species by your consciousness.

Be aware of that, conscious of the choices that you make...

Who you are and where you've come from,

Someday to return to your rightful place, in your divinity.




3/9/13 Loved Beyond Words


Love thyself is the theme of this day.

Bringing forth the energy of manifestation.

All can come thru this love, for it is the vibration of energy.

We come together to bring the message of love, the most powerful vibrations.

It will help you to see the truth & light, the way to all you seek.

Be now still and know you are loved beyond words.



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