Sunday, March 28, 2021

3/28/21 Trust and Love and repost from 3/28/2014 Golden Clue


3/28/21 Trust and Love


Each person’s journey through life is different, completely different.

You learn from a very early age how to trust what is yours.

You can see it is different but you don’t know why.

When you try to copy someone else’s, you find it doesn’t feel quite right.

You quickly learn to respect the differences and love the journey you call your own.

It’s the one that brings you what you need and where you will find your peace.

We are with you.


Peace be yours. It is all good.


Hope you enjoy the repost from 2014

3/28/14 Golden Clue

Some of you are searching for the golden clue that's going to turn your life around.

Why are you still struggling?

What are you missing?

When you finally find it, then will your life be easier?

The clue is to unlock your heart and realize that your life is perfect just the way it is.

Life circumstances are bringing you just the situations that you need to learn about in order to grow.

Take a close look at what is frustrating and holding you back.

Can you approach it differently?

Try to understand what it is truly saying to you.

Absorb the message.

Let it change the way you think and see things.

The biggest step is allowing this new belief to change who you are and how you act.

Then you can move on to something more.


Your soul has a plan, a path, a journey to help you learn what you need to know.

Some you will see and know right away.

Others are harder because of your resistance to change.

It won't always be what you've know before.

But looking upon it you will see where it will bring a better solution for all.

More joy, more love, more happiness.

What you thought was the reward (material reward) is not what will bring you this peace.

The golden clue is right there in front of you.



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