Wednesday, March 17, 2021

3/17/21 Written Words and Honor the Service of Love

Written Words


“Upon this rock I will build my church” –

Words that are repeated in the Catholic Church.

Words that aren’t necessarily the correct ones from history.

But they are the ones used to make one believe that it is what happened and is true.

There are many such words that have been changed and manipulated to mean something different than what was first said.

Through several translations and over a couple hundred years the words have lost much of their original context and direct meaning.

It should not be used as dogma or quoted as factual verbiage from that era.

Some of the changes were made deliberately to change the context of the quote.

It is not a reliable reference now.

You must listen to your heart and what feels wrong, let go.

This can happen with all written words, even these can be edited out of context.

Listen with your heart.

We are with you.



 Honor the Service of Love


Today, we honor a good person – St Patrick.

He did a lot for his community, for the sake of love, for the glory of God.

It’s Ok to honor his life and service to God and mankind but remember he is like you – a Spirit, Soul having a human experience.

All that you choose to do in your life, out of love and the service to others, will be honored and remembered also.

You are love.

We are with you.


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