Wednesday, March 3, 2021

3/3/21 Moving Forward and Friendship


I asked for guidance on the subject of healthy living.

 Moving Forward

Take caution, as you move forward.

Not all situations will be covered and safe.

Do what you feel comfortable with.

Trust your intuition and gut feeling about each one.

It will take sometime for there to be a safer environment.

Give yourself Clean Air and lots of room around you.

We are with you.




There are times when your friendship is called upon.

You might be asked to help them through this trying time.

Remember the giver is also the receiver – more than you know.

There are plenty of gifts to go around and you will not be caught short.

Giving your time and talent increases their use and expands the energy.

It is a mission well served.

Your kindness goes beyond the surface level, rippling down to others.

And it is good.

We are with you.


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