Thursday, March 25, 2021

3/25/21 Simple Steps to Hearing Your Own Guidance and Much More

 Simple Steps to Hearing Your Own Guidance

Believe in yourself.

You are already hearing your own guidance.

In one way or another, guidance has been given to you your whole life.

You might not recognize it as guidance but it truly is.

Center yourself in a quiet meditation.

Ask Spirit to join with you.

Ask for specific guidance about something you know little about.

Pay attention to what you get for direction and any specific instruction received,

  the thoughts that come into your mind and the way they sound.

Can you completely claim these thoughts as your own or do they have a rhythm to them from outside your normal thinking?

They are familiar to you because this is the guidance you have been receiving your whole life.

Be grateful and ask for more.

Have a conversation, go deeper on your subject.

Allow it to be explained completely until your need is satisfied.

Trust it. Write it down if you want!

The energy is there and easily reached.

No one is turned away.


It will become easier to recognized the sound and the vibration that this exchange takes.

Rejoice in that.

Allow guidance to help you find you answers, your peace, your truth.

We are with all of you.



Much More 

We are with you.

The purpose of this communication is for you to understand it is so much more than the words we give you.

It is the knowledge and the freedom and joy they bring.

These words can bring light and open the door to a new understanding.

These words offer freedom from the binds of disillusion and fear of separation.

These words leave one feeling joy and peace within themselves.

They are a service to you and others.

We are grateful for your part and the value it brings to life.

Sharing it, living it creates the loving atmosphere for it to be more than just words.

This connection is the blessing you’ve asked for.

Allow it to become a spiritual part of who you are.

We love you.

We are always near.


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