Saturday, March 20, 2021

3/20/21 No new post today. Repost from 3/21/14 Facing Conflict with Understanding

(Often times you hear the voice but dismiss it as your own thoughts.

We don't mind you claiming them, it's the dismissing them that bothers us so.)

  3/21/14 Facing Conflict with Understanding

Taking the easy way out and avoiding conflict is not always best for you.

Conflict brings a mixture of energies and feelings into the situation making it a little more difficult to maneuver.

Lessons and opportunities for you to learn who you are present themselves through these situations.

Welcome the confrontation.

Take a moment to really see what is happening and what you can learn or do.

They allow the highest good to prevail.

You get a chance to choose who you are and what you will present.

That is a place of growth and unfoldment.

Avoiding these conflicts and keeping your life easy and uneventful doesn't allow you to discover these

important traits about yourself.

Follow your heart and see the situation unfold slowly revealing just where your choice can be the emphasis of the experience.

The guidance is there-- trust and enjoy the moment with love and understanding.

The experience will strengthen your resolve.



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