Monday, March 15, 2021

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 3/15/14   Quiet Place in The Heart


We are reminding you how often finding the quiet place in your heart will bring you peace.

There you will find mystery and wisdom.

You will be able to know who you are.  Truth will be there if you allow it to be.

Much can be gained by quieting the mind chatter and just feeling the peace in your heart.

There you will find love and be able to see how it can shape your world if you allow it.

Let all else fall aside and let love be the key.

Bathe in the radiance of love.  It will heal the wounds of the battered self.

Healing and boosting energy will happen.

You will feel strong and whole again.

Do this often--



3/15/16 Full Potential – No Limits


Great opportunities are coming your way.

Don't shy away from them because of your inability to see all the potential.

Allow yourself to reach out and experience something new and exciting.

Nothing is standing in your way but your own self-denial.

You often judge the outcome by what has occurred in the past.

The past is over – let it go.

It was a learning experience.

Forgive yourself.

Trust that this opportunity is there for growth and development.

Fear and old patterns are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

You have the ability to accomplish whatever you set out to.

Nothing is held back.

Change and movement are part of the plan.

You will see it become easier and bring you much joy and harmony.

There is no limit.



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