Monday, March 8, 2021

3/8/21 Trust Your Guidance and repost from 3/8/15 Humanity

Trust Your Guidance
Over the years/lifetimes, you have formed a relationship, a deeper one than you might imagine.
The guidance is always there, given with the utmost love and care.
It’s not always what you might like to hear but what is given is in your best interest.
It is your choice to follow the advice or do what you would care to do.
Free will prevails.
Without judgement or condemnation, more guidance awaits.
We are with you at every bend in the road.
Ask and we will be there.
Listen and you may choose.
What comes next is up to you.
Allow that trust you have over the years help you to make the decision,
that brings you the peace you are looking for.
We are with you, always.

3/8/15 Humanity

You can roam about the earth with confidence because it all belongs to you.
Man has created the territories for his own conveniences but truly it is all one state.
Bring love and peace with you and you will be received with love and peace.
Fear and hatred are what produces the confrontations.
The barriers of language and cultures now exist but they can be crossed and diminished with true acceptance and respect.
View each other as neighbors and friends.
Treat others with respect and courtesy and they will respond with openness.
Changes in this planet and attitudes of its inhabitants will bring about much peace and prosperity.
Open your heart and let in humanity.


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