Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8/26/15 Lesson One – Love and Forgiveness

All of this weighing you down-
It is much harder to get connected from that far down.
Just the thought of forgiveness does the trick.
It raises you up even a little bit.
This is the act of love for which you have accepted the fact that not All is in your control.
Things happen for a reason.
The intention wasn't to make it too cruel and harmful.
Many lessons will be learned if you are open to knowing what is there to learn.
More than lesson one of love and forgiveness will appear in due time.
You are on a path to contribute your wisdom to more.
You can see this as a gift to help others.
Find the peace in your heart with the truth that you know.
Putting love and kindness at the core.
Feeling lighter as you go.


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