Sunday, August 23, 2015

8/23/15 The Written Word and Worrying ( 2 different sittings)

Don't read “The Written Word” as truth.
That is someone interpretation.
Your guide lines for living are given to you personally in your own way.
You will know.
They will ring true in your heart.


Try not to spend your whole life worrying.
Too much time is spent on the “What ifs”.
What if this happens?
What if that happens?
This is wasted time and energy.
You can't possibly plan out all the scenarios anyway.
Change happens.
You just need to learn to live more openly so you can adopt to more possibilities.
That way you will feel more comfortable with whatever comes along.
You will be less surprised and more comfortable with all the changes in your life.
Learning to adapt and meet the challenges and changes in your life is an important part of growth.
You will help teach others around you these important life skills.
Worry free and brave.


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