Friday, August 21, 2015

8/21/15 No new post today. Post from 8/21/14 The Feeling of a Smile

When you smile you use many muscles in your face.
Giving them the strength that they need.
You also open a soft spot in your heart and a peaceful place in your mind.
This is a simple act of kindness to yourself and others.
Sometimes it helps them to forget what is stressful if only for a minute.
It reminds you that there is love in this world and it is possible to allow it into your life.
You can imagine that smile or a feeling of a smile brought into different parts of your body.
You can imagine that smile or the feeling of a smile brought into your face, into your eyes.
Relax and allow your eyes to smile.
The feeling of the smile can be felt in your chest, in your stomach, even in your legs and arms.
​That smile brings love and peace to all of you.
At the same time sharing it with others.
A smile is a universal language that we all understand.
Smile often.
Peace and love be with you.

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